Sometimes You Just Have to Ask …

This mornings Gospel is from Mark  ( Mk 10:46-52 ).    St. Mark relates the story of  Bartimeus who calls out to the Lord and asks for Jesus to restore his site.  There are several parts of this story that will prove helpful in our day to day relationship with God.

First, Bartimeus is sitting on the roadside and he hears Jesus coming.  He cries out to Jesus, ” …have pity on me”.   He is asking the Lord for pity, for mercy.     For those who spend their days out of the conscious thoughts of God, calling on the Lord is something that occurs to them about the time that there is a crisis in their lives.    The crisis passes and then they return the status quo.    Bartimeus recieves his healing, and goes about his way.   We are not told what happens to Bartimeus after the healing he receives.   Relieved of his suffering from blindness he would have had the ability to lead a more productive life.   Consider this, he was already an adult,  he was begging before his sight was restored, Did that mean his troubles were over ?  Of course not, he had to learn a trade, struggle to be a productive member of society, one could even take the view that his life might have been “easier” if he were left to beg in the streets.      Bartimeus could have been mad at God for curing his blindness but making him struggle to learn to live on his own.    God will bless us with what our needs are, and will grant our prayers if they are beneficial to our souls.

The second thing that is interesting, is that Bartimeus is calling out to the Lord, and the crowd that is present rebukes him and basically tells him to shut up.    Is this different from where we are in todays society ?  If you go into the public square and talk about God, at least you will probably be chastised or something worse.  Our Society has be silent about God for so long that it is now acceptable to trash God in the government buldings, in school, nearly everywhere.     We as Christians can not afford to be silent in our communities about our beliefs.  We must, like Bartimeus act on our faith.

The last part of this that you may find interesting is that Christ asks Bartimeus ” What is it that you want of me “?    Jesus is God he already knows what Bartimeus wants.  So you may ask yourself, ” Why does Jesus ask what he wants if he already knows”?

What we can consider is that he just wants to be asked.  This is exactly the same situation we have today.  Jesus already knows what we want, and what we need.    We simply need to ask Him for what we need.  He wants to help us and give us everything that is good for our souls. but we need to ask for what we need as a matter of praise and ackowledgement that he is God.

Jesus then lets Bartimeus  go telling him to go on his way, his faith is what cured him.  We find Jesus making this statement to a few people through the Gospels.  Their faith is what he was looking for in them, and it is what he looks for in us today.


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