What kind of place could you build for me ?

This mornings reading from the Divine Office, is from Isaiah 66:1 ,  it reads as follows :

Thus says the Lord:
With heaven my throne
and earth my footstool,
what house could you build me,
what place could you make for my rest?
I recently had a discussion with one of my younger relatives who lamented a life in another city she thought was hard, but now percieves that her life now is more difficult.    Many years ago, my mother at a point of wisdom said to me,
” Life is a matter of perspectives”.    I never fully appreciated that sentiment until after I had gained a few years of wisdom and experiences.    I shared with my young relative that same bit of wisdom that my mother shared with me and I am sure that she will also need a few years of experiences before it will blossom in her mind.
I had a deep appreciation for creation.  I am a large proponent of  getting outdoors and experiencing the outdoors in all its glory and spendor.   Most people look at the outdoors and they see birds, trees, water, fish, critters and all sorts of animals and plants.  They recognize these things in their larger classifications and in domesticaled animals they find some greater familiarity.   But once you have the opportunity to look beyond  and see some of those things in greater detail, you develop a finer appreciation of the wonderful beauty and diversity of creation.
Once you look at all the vastness of creation, you can appreciate what Jesus was saying..   We build houses for God,
We find smaller places to put Him.     In a tabernacle, in a Pyx. yet it is impossible to contain Him in these places, as they are only places he dwells in part because of His love for us.   What house could we possibly build for him that would be more glorious, more ornate, more loving than creation ?  Can the gold leafing compare to the golden rays of the sun ?   Can the linens compare to the white clouds.. Can the paintings or stained glass compare to the colors painted on the sky at sunset ?
Still, we do these things.  We do them because we love God. and because we, the Body of Christ, the people need to gather, to pray, to share, to be nourished, and to love.  We prepare places for God here on earth, so much greater still is the place He prepared for us in heaven !

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