Thy Will Be Done !

Today we celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Many people have a vast misconception about Catholics and their praying the Rosary, or to Mary at all for that matter.  So I would like to set the record straight.    Catholics do NOT worship Mary as a God.   Catholics Honor and vernerate Mary.  Now some of you would like to know why there is an attachment to Mary.

First, Mary had to agree to the whole thing.  She had to say YES TO GOD.  She had to agree to carry a baby who was God.  She had to put aside her own will and carry Jesus.  She had to say yes knowing what that would mean to her socially  and that she would have to explain things to her family, and to her fiance.

Today she would probably have been committed.   Imagine how hard it was knowing that you are agreeing to try and raise God.  Teach God,  To raise the child who will be the saviour of  the world.   Mary had the tuffest parenting job in the world.   She was not at the top of the food chain either, she was just the neighborhood girl.   BUT she was pure of heart and full of faith and sinless from her birth.

Next point, Mary was the mother of Jesus.  Now think about that for a moment.  If you are going to do anything for anyone its more than likely going to be your mom.    If your mom asks you for something, your probably going to do it.     We pray to Mary to ask her to talk to her son for us.   This does not mean we dont also go to Jesus in prayer.  We do.    We have a special place in our hearts for the one who, by her saying yes to God, cooperated and was instrumental in the process of  of the Paschal Mystery.

Her prayer was ” Let it be done unto me, according to your word”.     Now, the important thing in for us to remember, is that we too can share in this process.  Daily, we can pray for the will of the Father to be done here on earth.   Particularly when we are suffering.  We can pray for relief, for recovery, and primarily for the will of God to be done in all that we do and are.   We are join our suffering with his passion, we can become empowered in our weakness.

We have an advocate in Mary,who is queen of Angels and Men.


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One Response to “Thy Will Be Done !”

  1. Christine Says:

    Good explanation. Mary is to be revered, but not idolized. Careful distinction. I hope God can use me in only 1-1000000th of the way Mary gave herself and it would be a successful life used in His honor.

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