Which sister are we ?

This mornings Gospel of Luke retells the story of Marth and Mary.  Martha who is going just slightly nuts running here and there and trying to get things in order and see to everyones needs and basically working herself silly trying to make sure that everything is done.  Then there is Mary, who is sitting listening attentively and taking in all the wonders of the day.  Listening to the Lord and basically being engaged in the happenings.

In our daily lives, and with the people I talk with, I see a majority of folks who are Martha.  We work hard, we play but not enough.  We spend nearly every waking moment chasing after work, and kids, and projects, and the kids projects, and their spouses projects, and this meeting and that group, and all the other things that need to be accomplished in the 20 spare minutes we didnt have to begin with.

Now, there is the other side of the coin !   We get exausted in the chase of things and we try to engage in things that should be relaxing but forces us to get OUT and visit with others and engage in some other activity and the next thing you know there you are back in the work of trying to not work.   On top of that, some other person who is engaged in the Mary side of this, who is seamingly sitting around when you are attempting to get something else done REALLY makes you an unhappy camper.

Another side of Mary is that she is listening to Jesus.  In the course of our busy day to day lives, while we are busy being Martha, we need to remember to take the time to also be Mary, to listen to Jesus in the mix.  This is going to take some time.  The first few moments of most peoples conversations with God  are jam packed with all the prayer requests for friends, family, or self.   Sometimes, we need to take the time to just be quiet, stop asking for stuff and listen to what it is that the Lord is trying to tell you, but cant because you are too busy still asking for stuff, or you allow enough time to get in all the requests but dont allow the time for the Lord to respond.    Imagine being a parent to the entire world.
Dad.. I need, Dad.. I want,.. Dad  I have a problem,, Dad I need to.. Dad Help me with this..

Now being God, he can handle all this but you need to give him time to answer.  Sometimes he just wants some quality time with you !

The prescription for the day.  Find the balance between the Martha and Mary in your life, and make some time to spend some quality time with God.    Have a great day !


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