I am a blessed man !

Normally I don’t post a great deal of things about myself here outside of my thoughts during the day that reflect God.  Today I am taking a slight departure from my normal posts to tell you about how blessed I feel. 

Yesterday, October 4th, was a “trifecta of Graces”…  By this I mean that first, It was Sunday, the Lords day, so I ended up going to mass.  I am blessed that my entire family sings in our choir to the glory of God.    Second, it was the feast day of our Seraphic Father Saint Francis and I was able to celebrate that with our community and with my family.

The last part of that trifecta was the fact that yesterday was the anniversary of my marriage to my beautiful bride.  This was our 12th anniversary.  I have been truly blessed with my wife.  Alot of people may think this is silly or just something else.  I am here to tell you that the Lord gave me one of the greatest gifts I could have imagined when he brought my wife to me.  She has been the constant companion, lover, teacher, friend, and just about anything else you can name.  I pray that I have been at least the same if not more of a blessing to her.  

Yesterdays readings were all about marriage.    She is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. Although the Lord did not put me to sleep and take out a rib, he did join me in giving her my heart and we became one flesh.    The longer I am with her the more things there are to appreciate.   Now we all have those little annoying things we do that annoy our spouses, I am sure that I dont have any of those ( right hunny ?)…  OK  I do..   Folks, I am going to tell you one of those things that people dont say very often ( are you ready ?)   ….

LOVE IS A CHOICE !..  yes, you fall in love with someone and the heart races, the mind whirls, and there is that romantic, every moment of your life you want to be in the exact spot that the other one is.  BUT, that is the honeymoon phase.  I still love my wife, I want to spend time with her,and love being with her every moment I have time to be. 

When things are occasionally not all roses and moonlight, when He didnt take out the trash for the hundredth time, or she didnt pick up that one thing you asked for, or everyones schedule is tight and someone has to give and you both have things you need to accomplish, when you have had that fight neither of you wanted to have , when your tired,  when all these things happen, you MAKE A CHOICE, ,to love.   You chose to give of yourself for the benefit of the other person, for the one person, that is made of the two of you.  You choose to love when things are hard. 

If more couples had a good foundation in love, we would not have the record number of divorces we have in the world today.

For today, I pray for you all, LOVE !

I love you hunny !


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