A contemplation on the Power of the Eucharist…

Yesterday I was sitting in my bedroom working on some homework feeling a bit tired and honestly, the book I was reading was preparing to make my head explode.  It was one of those books, that babbles in circles about millions of things that are connected but the detail was so horrific that it was just a bit much.

Anyway,  I wanted to take a break and so I put the book down and started to enter into some contemplation about absolutely nothing except a communion with God.  It was very relaxing after all of that reading and its was rather a very peaceful state to be in.  So I didnt want to move or distract myself in any way.

My mind eventually wandered to the Eucharist and how blessed we are to have this glorious presence in our lives.    Then after a few moments of  thanksgiving and prayer I had one of those epiphanal moments.  It was a moment of enlightenment.  Not in the way of something I didnt know before, but a thought that connected the dots.  So here it is :

I invite you to take a moment to consider the story in the Gospels of how the Lord was walking through the crowds and he immediately felt some of his power leave him.  He asked who it was, and eventually this lady said that she had touched him she had been sick and hemorraging for some time and knew by faith that if she could just touch the hem of his garment that she would be healed.

Now that writing was a paraphrase of the Gospel of Mark Chapter 5 :20 -ish.       Imagine how much faith that this woman had to have in order to be healed by touching a garment.  It was her faith that healed her. Now lets go a bit further.

Every day in churches throughout the world there are celebrations of the Eucharist being held.  Every day, there are people who go to receive the Eucharist.  There are those who approach with great reverence, some who just get in line because its the thing you do.   There are people who do not believe in the REAL presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Consider this, if we have faith that Jesus is present in the Eucharist, like  the lady in this Gospel story and healed by touching the hem of his garment.  We are given the greatest of presents by being given the entire body of Christ when we receive the Eucharist.   Imagine the healing power !  Imagine the graces !  Imagine what would happen with the faith that we have been given every time you take and receive the Eucharist.   In churches all over the world there is Christ, waiting for each of us.  Every day is in some respects an Easter.

The next time you go to church consider the truly amazing and holy gift that we have been given… Amen !


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