In todays Gospel, (Luke 9: 57)  The Lord proceeds on his Journey and there are several who ask to come and join him on his journey.   One guy says, Lord, I want to go with you, but I want to go bury my father.   The Lord tells him to let the dead bury the dead.  The next guy comes along, sees the Lord and says he wants to tag along too  but first he wants to go say goodbye to his family.   The Lord says No one who sets his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the Kingdom of God.

OK, so this sounds pretty harsh considering even today, the human inclination would be to want to say goodbye to the family, at least if you werent fighting with them this week.  What about the guy with dead father ?   One of the corporal works for mercy is to bury the dead.. even if its not your dad !

As a side note, the corporal works of Mercy  are extracted from the Gospel of Matthew.  In this case on Judgement day when you get to account for yourself to God, these are the questions he is going to ask us …  I pray we can all get the answers right !

On the outset these responses seem a bit harsh.  Every one has issues .. Your spouse asks you to take out the trash..  you say alright dear right after I get done  picking this stuff up.   It’s not that the Lord does not want the man buried, its a matter of priorities.

In our daily lives we should spend our days breath oriented towards the praise and thanksgiving to God.   Its the little things.  Everyone  prays when things go bad, and some of them even when things are really good, or their prayer was answered.

When I was a younger man than I am, I met a friend of my mothers.  He and I struck up a converation about wildlife which is one of my hobbies.  He took me out to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge , and proceded to show me all the wonderful varieties of birds that lived there.    Up to that point, they were just a bunch of different birds.  But he opened a door for me, showed me a beautiful part of God’s creation that I was unaware of and it was wonderful.  I too got to show him some of the animals and plants that I knew of, and his eyes were opened as well.

So it is with creation, and our lives within it.  Can we take a little time at different parts of the day, and thank God for the beauty and the majesty, and the simple gifts that He gives us every single day.   In the discipline and joy of that daily Thanksgiving I can promise that you will become more aware and your eyes will open to more and more of the ways within which God works in our daily life.


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