Humble in vastness

In this mornings office, we read the following from Isaiah 66:1-2 :

“Thus says the Lord:
With heaven my throne
and earth my footstool,
what house could you build me,
what place could you make for my rest?
All of this was made by my hand
and all this is mine – it is the Lord who speaks.
But my eyes are drawn to the man
of humbled and contrite spirit,
who trembles at my word.”
One of the vast  glories of our faith is that God deigned to come to us as a man.   Fully God, fully man in every respect.
God the creator of all things, knower of all, omnipotent God, made himself small in order that we might be saved.
In this case, Isaiah is pondering a house for God, a place of prayer.
Now, fast forward to today.  The more things change, the more they are the same.
Today, ponder for a moment the vastness of God.
In nature its an easy thing to do.  If you have seen the Grand Canyon, the Smokey Mountains, the Appalatians, the wide open ranges in Montana.  It is hard to deny the vastness of God when faced with such sites.
In contrast, the God of creation, also deigns to come to us yet again, to place himself in the form of the Holy Eucharist, and to reside in the tabernacles of our churches.
I wonder if the people who have built the altars, and the tabernacles of the world, sit and ponder these things while they are plying their craft ?!   If while the stone is being cut, or the metal is being forged, that they take the time to consider how tiny God becomes for us.
Do we take the time at Mass to appreciate the enormity of what it is that God does for us on a daily basis ?
During adoration, how tiny the Eucharistic Host is compared with the vastness of God.
There is a dicotomy of spiritual vastness.  These places are small in a physical sense, but they are also immensely vast when we consider how God acts in our lives in relation to the smallness of the places he has placed himself in.
When I consider all of the ways that God has made himself smaller for us, it is hard not to be humbled.
For those who are parents, I am sure that you can recall the very first moment that the doctor placed your child in your hands.    You can not help but stand there in awe at the miracle of the life placed there before you.
There is almost a certain element of disbelief that this little life was given to you by God.
Later in the life of that child, some of the newness might wear off.  Maybe they are now the rebellious teenager.
Possibly they are now 15 going on 40 ?    Is the miracle really any different ?  The packaging changes, the miracle is the same !  God has blessed you abundantly with the gift of a life.
Truly,  how small God becomes to teach us in his vastness !

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