You have not, because you ask not. …… Rightly !


Good Day Brothers and Sisters,

Sundays second reading was from the book of James.   This letter was written in a brotherly love where he is trying to teach his audience how to act in the light of God.

There is plenty of meat here.  More over, it applies as much today as it did when it was written.

Take yourself out of the idea that you are a citizen of a town, country, state, etc, and place your heart in the idea that you are children of God and therefore brothers and sisters to all men and women.

Jealousy and selfish ambition are the root of disorder and foul practices.

“Where do wars come from ?

Is it not passions that make war within your members ?

You covet but do not possess,

You Kill and envy but you can not obtain,

You fight and wage war.

You do not possess because  you do not ask,

You ask but do not receive,

Because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.

Consider this carefully,…..

Where is it that our wars and fights come from  ?   Why are we engaged in battles ?    And are our brothers and sisters on the other side ?  Do they not have the same reasons for being in a war ?

Do we not covet ?  As people, as a nation ?  As a State?  As a company ?  Do we not struggle to obtain the things that remain out of our reach ?

What is it that we covet ?  What fires our desires ?  Where ever we spend our treasure, there in lies your heart.   Or, in the vernacular, Follow the money !

We as a country in the United States are the greatest consumers of the worlds resources.    We don’t mind helping ( for a price) but we don’t want to change the way we live.   We consume the most oil in the world, the worlds resources of oil are dwindling.  We realize that we can not do the things we have been in the past, yet,  we still find ways to rationalize our own greed.

We ask them to change, do we ask rightly ?  Do we ask ourselves to change ?

Have we asked ourselves why we covet the things that we do ?

You say to yourself, I am just one person, I am not the owner of a big company, or a politician, or anything like those people,   I challenge you today, to make changes in just one life !  YOURS !

Review the life you are living, see thing things that you can change, and do that.

When you have changed your life, and walked your own via Delarosa, then go lovingly and help just one other person, and challenge them to do the same thing.

You can change your world…. One life at a time, one soul at a time !


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