One of those Epiphanal Moments

Happy Sunday !

Some days you are just sitting there and some thought, or some idea just comes along and smacks you in the back of the head.    Such was the case this morning at Mass.

I sing ( Tenor/Baritone) in our church choir.  We have one of those lovely churches that although the outside is rectangular, the inside seating and architecture is cruci-form.    The Choir is located in a loft in the rear of the church.  There are some theologians/administrators etc who believe that the choir should be at the front of the church.  There are arguments to be made for both sides…  but this is the point of our discussion.   The point really has to do more with the  view from the rafters.

For some reason this morning as I was engaged in the prayers of the church, I looked down upon the entire church.  While I was sitting there looking at the Body of Christ gathered in prayer it occured to me how perfect it was that the architecture of the church was laid out, with the Tabernacle behind the Alter,  where God, Christ, was present in the sacrament.  I was at the foot of the cross praying.  The altar servers were on either side of the altar.  The altar servers and our Brother ,who , like the Holy Spirit, are the helpers,  and then throughout the rest of the church was the Body of Christ, the people, a spiritual corpus, engaged in the process of bringing about the kingdome of God.   We were a living, breathing, praying Body of Christ.  Lastly, came the priest who was in the center.   How often those men are nailed to the cross, who are persecuted, maligned, and misunderstood.  How often it is that these men summon the heroic strength to handle the day to day work of running the physical parts of our church along with every single person who just needs about an hour of their time for their personal need/want/desire.

Taken in this context you can not help but contemplate how truly beautiful, and how truly blessed we all are.


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