A Moment to Remember…

Today Brothers and Sisters we take a moment to remember the tragedy of 9-11.  People of multiple nations and multiple backgrounds all perished that day.   It might suprise some to know that the one town in the world that was most effected by this tragedy was none other than Hoboken, New Jersey.  There were more people from Hoboken in the towers that day than in any other town.    A town nearly an hours drive away from the twin towers.

Today we also take a moment to remember Fr. Mychael Judge, OFM .  A Franciscan priest who, without thought of his own safety, did what Christ admonished us all to do.  He ran back into the towers to help others in need.  No greater love has one man for another than to lay down his life for a friend.  These men were not people he knew,  they were not family or people he served each week. Fr. Mychael was the chaplain to the Fire Crew that day.

In our efforts to honor Fr. Mycheals memory let us take the time to remove the plank of  hatred, prejudice, greed, ignorance,Poverty and violence, before we worry about the splinter we percieve in our brothers eyes.

We can not justify that our neighbors starve  while we throw out food simply for the fact that they were born on one side of a line, and us on another.  Borders, government, policies etc were not made by God, they were made by man.  It should be man who fixes this problem.   We can start by loving our neighbor.

I pray that Father Mychael is looking down on us and seeing that his death was a torch of peace, not a lynching fire.

Peace be with us all !


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