Putting on the new self !

Good Day Good People !

First, I would like to put in a personal side note about these reflections.  Your friendly local Franciscan is currently involved in a great number of works.  The most primary, like most of you has been the search for meaningful / gainful employment.  I, like a number of others lost my “day job”  due to the downturn in the economy.  Add to this the usual church functions and ministries,  and I also engaged in studies at our local Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute.    The school year has started and we not only have theologial studies but we have a practicum to fulfill.     Please pray for me as I move through these processes as I pray for each of you.   Amen !

Todays Gospel urges us to put on our new self.   This is very apropos for my own situation with a number of us who are involved in the new school year, new jobs, etc.   We are urged to set our sites on Christ and to turn from all of our old ways,  To turn from the greed and envy, idolatry, back biting, and foul language, that might have been part of the old self.    Christ ( and each of us) offer ourselves in the sacrifice of the Mass daily.   Christ offered himself for each of our sins.   Therefore our  debt for sin is paid, it is up to us to turn from it.  To move forward towards our heavenly home.  Each of us can be Christ to each other.  We can work for justice in the workplace, in our communities.     You do not have to be the  corporate executive, or business owner to make that happen.   You can choose to turn from the gossip at the watercooler.  You can choose to help your neighbor who might be struggling with their work or at a task.    You can choose to stand up for the one in your group who may not be as gifted as others, or who may be struggling  in some way.   You can choose to help cover a shift when your neighbor needs help.    You can choose to care for the person in your group who is having a hard time or just needs to talk.   Even if schedules differ, there is always a way.    I would encourage each of you to be the “Christ- bearer” to your jobs and communities…   Have a glorious day !

As a side note – the posts may be a bit scattered as I readjust to my own schedule and I beg your patience while I make adjustents in the outside demands .. Thank you !


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