How marriage is kept together ?

In todays reading, Ephesians2:13 , we hear about the healing of different factions and how the Lord brought the sides together in Him.    I think this speaks some volumes about the institution of Marriage.

With Christ in your marriage we know that is HE who made you both one.   It is HE he healed you and made you both whole.  In a Christian love, resolution of differences can be easier when approached through the love of Christ.   All who have been married know that like all other relationships, its not a bed of roses ALL the time.

” …he created in himself one new man from us who had been two  and to make peace reconciling both of us to God in on body through his cross”.     Although this may not have been the purpose of the story on its face,  we can take from this lesson, an additional lesson about how we deal with issues within our marriage.  Put the Lord first.  Putting the good of our parter before our own.      We are one body.    This is comething brought about in the sacrament of marriage.   The two become one.   If you love yourself , and we all do, in a healthy way, we want what is best for us.  Caring for your partner, is caring for yourself.

In the US it is said that something like 75 % of all marriages fail.   They say we have a Marriage Crisis.  I disagree.  We have a communication crisis.   The crisis occurs because the couple fails to communicate both with each other AND with God.   Once the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over ( so to speak) LOVE actually blossoms.   Once the newness of the relationship passes, once the immediate volume of learning things about your beloved has passed, people tend to quit.  They quit talking, they quit communicating, they quit WORKING on their relationship and quit communicating to resolve differences both with each other and the Lord.

Marriage Encounter is a group/movement most people have heard of   but do not know much about it.    It is a weekend to teach couples how to communicate and LOVE each other.  How to work at their marriage.  I believe that the Engaged Encounter and the Marriage Encounter weekends should be required of anyone planning to get married and by their 2nd or 3rd anniversary for the Marriage Encounter.       OK I do not belong to a current after the weekend group, nor have I had anything to do with Marriage Encounter since I experienced the weekends.

What I can tell you is that it does one thing very well.  It will both give you tools to use in your marriage to make communicating easier, and it will help you uncover other issues you might not realize that you had.   Or possibly things that you had not even thought about.

What ever you do, Christ must be at the center of your marriage if you want it to grow.   I can promise you will be happier in the long run if you take this step up front.


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