You cant be two places at the same time.

In todays  Gospel reading ( Luke 4:38) We see the Lord showing up at Simon’s house.  He cures his mother of a fever, and then she gets up and serves them.  Next thing you know, there are the ever present crowds and eventually He needs to leave to get some rest.   BUT, the people don’t want him to go, they come and find him and try to keep him there in their town.   The Lord gently reminds them that he must go to the other towns as well.

I find some interesting parallels between this passage, and edisodes in our daily lives.   For instance,  Let us change some of the characters here and lets say that you are going to visit your family.   You love them, you want and need to spend time with them, but eventually its time to go home.   They however do not want for you to leave, and they have a list of things that will keep you there quite a bit longer than you planned and you have work of your own that you need to get done.    Eventually, you need to do your work.    They wont like it , but hopefully will understand.

In another scenario,  you are at work.   You are doing your job, the day is nearly finished, and something goes wrong, or someone does not show up for their shift, or more aptly in my neck of the woods, there is a hurricane that is coming.   You need to go home to your family.  The office however wants you to stay and work, and they do not believe that your need to go is as great as their need for you to stay.  You stay but eventually you go.   Something happens, and they call you back, but you still are not able to go back because you have work to do at home.

In todays world the ideas of Family, Worship, quality and balance of Life are ideas that are quickly fading.   The idea of having time on the weekend to recouperate from the weeks work has all but disappeard.   More of our businesses are trying to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week in order to serve the corporate Greed Monster.   We live in a world where corporations try to dictate that we do not need to worship on the sabbath, since there are shifts to fill, people to serve, money to be made.    People do the best that they are able to within the confines of what they are given.  Or do we ?

There should be a lesson in the current economy for everyone.   When we as a planet, experienced a down turn in the economy, and in turn the corporations laid off massive amounts of people because ” the business was just not there”.   Think  about this for a moment.  The business was not there, and so there were adjustments and the business moves on.  To  use one of the old cliche’s  ” What happened if they gave a war and nobody came ?”…

If  you would stop calling businesses on the weekends, stop doing business on the weekends that are not a necessity.  I am not saying you shouldnt go out to dinner or get gas or groceries, what I am saying is that the world would not end if you couldnt sign some papers until Monday, or your computer didnt get fixed until Monday, or you just couldnt buy that THING until Monday.     If you couldnt call into a call center on Christmas Day, do you think the world would end ?  Really ?     IF you stop trying to make your world instantaneous, business will follow suit because it will have no choice.  They follow the money.     If you build a BETTER world, they will come !

In the grander scheme of things, we must be Christ to the corporate “town” that wants to keep us in.   We need to tell them that there are other places that need the Christ within each of us.    We must have the strength of character to lead.


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