God is Good… All the time !

This is a very popular saying among Christians of all denominations today.   In some circles it is almost like a handshake.  One says ” God is Good” the other responds ” All the time”.     I took sometime to reflect on what this means to us, and how very true it is, but more importantly what it means to us as Christians.

God is Good.   Well, yes.  We know that God is good, He is after all God.   All knowing, All Powerful, Omnipotent, Creator of all things.   God created all things.. let us consider that part.  If God is good, and he created ALL things then all things are, or were when they were created, good.   In the creation story, we learn that God looked upon his creation and pronounced that it was GOOD.     Animals, plants, fish, and humans.  All are good.   That means that YOU are also good.  We ask humans suffer from our own human frailties.  We say things, we do things that are not necessarily good. Our behaviors may not be good, but our person, our bodies, our being is good.

Each person not only has the imprint of the Most High God, but is a dwelling place, a tabernacle of the Living God.  THAT is good.   This is also the basis for why we should have respect for every human life.  Not just our family, not  just a friend, but the other brothers and sisters who are on the margins of society.   These are also part of the Body of Christ.  These are the eyes that see how Christian we are.    We turn away from the homeless and the hungry Christ in our presence.  Yet we are the first to turn to Christ when things go badly.  Take heart though !  For God is good.  He will forgive us our sins.  He loves us more than our human minds can understand.

” Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life”.    This is true.  Goodness and mercy follow each of us every day.    ALL THE TIME.   Gods mercy is upon us every single day.

I have owned pets all of my life.  Dogs and cats mostly.    Pets are truly part of Gods mercy and maybe part of God’s parental teaching tools.    During my life when ever days were less than stellar, and in my younger years, when God paid more attention to me than I did to him, my pets were a source of solice, consolation, companionship and humor even when I might not have wanted them.      At the same time we learn patience with them when they had “accidents”  or we were hurt by their reaction to something we did.       I believe that God uses our pets to teach us something about the great commandments.  Love God, Love your neighbor as yourself.

ALL THE TIME ?   When things are bad.  I mean really bad is God good then too ?    In disasters, in death, and in crisis,  God is good and his mercy covers us even then.   Sometimes it is hard to see in the moment.  There is likely much we do not understand, but in faith we trust in the goodness and mercy of God.   Sometimes, we are given moments of understanding much later.  We are always given whatever we need to make it through the trail that we face.   All we need is to believe that.. God is good.. All the time.


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One Response to “God is Good… All the time !”

  1. Kasundra Says:

    I love the phrase God is Good! This is true! But time has nothing to do with God’s Goodness. God is Good before time. God is Good in time and God is
    Good after time. God’s Goodness comes out of His very nature. He can be nothing but good. The awesome thing about this is that He works in the midst of bad to accomplish Good. See Romans 8:28, but remember this is only for those who are called according to His purpose. For those who have responded to God’s call, we can truly say that we will ultimately experience Good out of all of the situations we face. God is good enought to teach us about who He is, who we are and who we are in Him through all of the bad that happens in the life of a believer in Christ as Lord and Savior. Everyone else is merely experiencing the evil that comes with living in a sinful world. And with this God is still accomplishing His purposes and working out Good. Why? Because He is Good and time has nothing to do with it.

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