Of Fire and Of Water…

Todays readings are rather interesting.  We read about the Rapture and the Apocalypse.   The end of times and last of days.  Heavy stuff ?    In my life time the end of the world has been predicted probably 5 or 6 times.     I remember mentioning it to my mother and her saying ” I was not worried about how I got here, and I am not worried about how I leave”.     Remeber this parents !!    Children may not DO everything we tell them, but they NEVER forget that one time you slip, or the things you say.     ( OK maybe not everything.. but it does stick ! )

I have thought a bit about the possibilities of the ” Rapture”.   This should give consolation to us.  Indeed we consider that those who sleep in Christ will awaken and rise into the clouds.  Those who are still alive( and faithful) would be taken up with them BEFORE the destruction of the world.   We must remember  that Peter always ran about preaching the Gospel and telling people to repent for the end of days was near.   Some 21 centuries later, we are still worrying about the end of the world as we know it.

In our day to day lives we are faced with issues and decisions that need to be made, that may effect our lives moving forward.  We tend to worry and “strut our hour upon the stage…. (and mostly) signifying nothing” but more worry and fret.   It is possible that each decision we make is a possible rapture or a possible apocalypse waiting to occur.

We also read that we ” thirst for the Lord like a deer for running water”.    In our times of worry, and distress we turn to the Lord for answers, for “the miracle” , for help, and consolation.    I find it ironic that on the one hand we have the fire and brimstone of the apocalypse, and on the other side there is water, cooling, and thirst quenching.    Through out our  life there is water.   The waters of birth that break, Waters of Baptism, the water we bathe in, the Holy waters in the fonts, the water that makes up most of our chemistry, the water we drink, the waters that bless us near daily.

In the bible it was the water that was parted to save the Isrealites, and the same water that washed the Pharohs Soldiers into the ocean to  save the Isrealites.   Even today we need water to live, but it is also water that can take our lives if we are not vigilant.

To a greater extend our view of the end times is much the same.  A friend of mine used to always say, ” worry is sin paid twice”.  God is in control.  If you give God control of your life, and allow him to work in your life, then you need not have things to worry about.    ” Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry”  The mantra of Padre Pio applies for all of us.  Yesterday is done,  There is nothing you can do to change it.  Tomorrow, is still tomorrow and you cant change it, and you dont know for certain that you will be there to worry about it.  Therefore all you have is right now.  Live THIS moment.  Give THIS moment to God, Do what you can to glorify God in THIS moment, for this moment is a present.


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