Off with his head !

Brothers and Sisters,

In todays Gospel we hear the story of the beheading of St John the Baptist.    As part of the story, we heard how the kings wife told her daughter to ask the king for John’s head on a platter.    This occurred at a party for the kings birthday, in front of tons of guests and courtiers.    Several things come to mind here.

Many parents can relate to this scenario, where a child who does not know what they want when asked, goes rather shyly to their parents for suggestions and when the gift is probably more than what they can imagine.    After being told some suggestion, the child might go in front of all the guests and ask for something totally off the wall and startles the unsuspecting parent.    Out of the mouths of babes..

It is testament to the fact that no matter how much things change, they still stay the same.   This child asks for a man to be murdered and is not shy about it.     We may think this is totally outlandish and would never happen in todays society.  It was a sign of the times they lived in right ?    I tell you that we are no different today when the world still has Euthenasia,  Abortion, fetal stem cell research, and the death penalty.

What about the parents ?  Have we changed ?  Do we still ask for the death penalty ?   Do we support abortion on demand ?   The mother in the gospel was in bloodlust for Johns head, the father it says was deeply distressed but it did not stop him from fulfilling the wish of the young girl, or asking why she would ask such a thing.      Are we different ?  Have we asked our legislators to put laws into effect to protect life ?  Do we involve ourselves in works of mercy that directly effect these areas of our lives ?

Too often we are presented with opportunities for change, that we are too busy for, or maybe are afraid it will take too much time in our busy days.   ” No greater love has one man for another, than to lay down his life for a friend.  ”  This is not just to trade your life for another who would be dying.  It is said we all die a little each day.  Possibly one of the things we missed was that  we need to give some time for the life of everyone.


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