My Heart is ready O Lord..

From the Psalms of the morning office :  ” They laid a snare for my steps , my soul was bowed down, they dug a pit in my path, but fell in it themselves.      My heart is ready O God, my heart is ready,  I will sing I will sing your praise.  Awake my soul…Awake lyre and harp , I will awake the dawn,    I will thank you, Lord among your peoples, among the nations I will praise youfor your love reaches to the heavens, and your truth to the skies. ”

The  psalms are sometimes written in a manner of barganing.   The person starts out praising God, then tells him how wonderful God is, Says what ever his problem is, and finally the barganing comes and they say ” OK, Lord if you do this for me, they I will praise you all over the place, or I will do this or that for you .

This reading gives us a few points to ponder.  First,  Do we end up bargaining with God when things go terribly wrong ?  Maybe you have gotten one of those lovely chain letters that say, ” If you send this letter forward you will be blessed with *BLAH*  but if you dont forward the email then you will die or some other terrible cursed thing.     God doesnt work that way.

That being said there is huge amounts of graces to be gained through prayer!   By all means pray for your spouse, family, friends, and mostly those you may not know !   Like the seeds you plant in others, you many never see the good you do by your prayers in this life, but you will in the next.    There is so much to pray for.. it shouldnt be hard for us to pray without ceasing during our day.

As a second theme, we should take consolation in the readings because we can see this man is being assaulted   What can we take from this ?    How can we take this into our daily lives ?     Lets look at what his might reflect on our modern lives.

The laid a snare for me…   How many times does this happen in our lives.  People out of jealousy or greed or envy cast you in a poor light.   People are robbed, assaulted, murdered, battered and victimized in a great number of ways.  Possibly you are depressed ?  Is your soul bowed down ?    Problems at work, at home ?  The plans you  had for your life didnt quite work out like you planned ?  Your not alone !    Take heart !   God is in charge !  This means that down the road, things will work out for you faithful !    Have hope and trust in the Lord

You must also do your part, the Lord is not going to come down on a chariot of fire and get you a drink of water while your sitting at the kitchen table.  You do your part, and trust in Gods loving mercy, you will not be forgotten !


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