Choose this day whom you will serve… !

“Choose this day whom you will serve… As for me and my house, We will serve the Lord”

I read this one day on a wall hanging, and thought what a powerful affirmation.   And so it is.  There is however more of the message.

Reflecting on this message, it tells us more, it asks us more !   Every day we choose the Lord.  In our daily lives, at our Jobs, with our families, with our friends.   Each day there are challenges in different facets of our lives.

When we are faced with that person who is difficult at work, or with a family member we are having a hard time with, with the customer that no one else wants to deal with, or the patient no one wants to care for. God is there,  The Lord asks us to love.

Each day there are temptations within our weaknesses.   Each day, there is the Lord.     THis is the first part. The question whom will you serve.

” As for me and my house.. We will serve the Lord…”    maybe the question is HOW will we serve the Lord ?   Possibly, it is easier to serve the Lord inside his house, than it is in the street.    Do we serve the Lord in our brothers and sisters, in the homeless, in the weak, in the sick, in the poor ?  Do we serve the Lord in the respect of his creation, not just in the beauty of the wilderness, but in the beauty of the poor, the marginalized ?       Are we serving the other servants of the Lord ?     Do we LOVE ?    Can we love our homeless neighbor ?   Can we give him or her the dignity they deserve as temples of the Holy Spirit, as children of God ?   Judgement can be so easy, Love not so much.     Hate can be easy.. Love not so much.  At least in the beginning.   Giving your heart to Love is how we choose who we serve.

The Lord gave us the 2 greatest commandments,  First to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.  Second to Love your neighbor as yourself.

When we get to heaven I believe God will ask us,…. ” Did you Love ?”


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