That all may be one !

Today I will first take a moment and acknowledge that Today begins the Feast of Ramadan for our Muslim brothers and sisters in the world.  We hope for them a fruitful journey over the next month and that it be filled with joy and enlightnement for them.

For todays Gospel we find at the end Christ wishing for us to be one.    What does that mean for us ?  How do we translate that into our daily lives.       Possibly St John and St Paul could have been some of the original Beatles singing  ” Love…Love…Love”..       Do we discribe ourselves as citizens of a town, a state, a nation, a culture ?    In changing our perspective to a global citizenship, how do we view the problems that are present in the world ?     Starvation, Hunger, War, Famine, Drought, Justice ?

If we truly love our brothers and sisters what can we do to fix the problems we share ?   There was once an old slogan that was used by Ecology groups ” Act Locally… Think Globally ”    I believe this has merit in the spiritual realm as well. We should work to make changes in our world.  To love the neighbor in our neighborhood.  Work to change OUR world, and join with others to for larger changes for the good of ALL, so that ALL may be one.


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