August 18th 2009 Be Happy !

Todays Reading is from Judges  – 6:11- 24  –

In todays reading an Angel appears to Gideon and tells him to that the Lord is with him, and he should go out to the army that is invading their territory and clean house.   Gideon feels abondoned by the Lord.  He believes that the Lord brought them out of Egypt and left them hanging there.   The Lord told Gideon to go and do what he said because he is with Gideon.   Gideon says but ME ?  Our clan is the weakest, and I am the least of the weakest.  I cant do that !  But the Lord assures him that yes he can.   Gideon begs for a sign….

How much we are like Gideon.   In times of crisis we go through that emotional turmoil.. We say Lord, I am not big enough to handle this.   We are not.       We think God abandoned us.. He has not.   and in the end, God will bless us for our love and fidelity, and he will give us strength for what is his will for us.   Trust in Gods mercy.   He loves you he will not abandon you, and just like Gideon, you will not die.


One Response to “August 18th 2009 Be Happy !”

  1. Angel Says:

    What a beautiful message!

    A second thing always strikes me about this story – our inability to grasp God’s influence in our lives. Note that God directs Gideon, and then Gideon asks for a sign.

    Well, what’s that about? I mean, when God’s presence touches our hearts – what better sign can there be? Yet, time and again, throughout the biblical stories and our own histories, people respond to God’s presence with a sort of poker play. “I meet your presence and raise you one miracle.” It’s like we know God is there, we know he’s anted up, but we have to raise the stakes like we expect to call his bluff.

    He is the King of Kings – I am pretty sure he’s more likely to call *my* bluff than I am his!

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